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The CL Ranch was established on the banks of the Jumping Pound Creek, West of Calgary, Alberta, in 1887 by Richard Copithorne. He immigrated to Canada from Cork, Ireland, arriving in Calgary in the spring of 1887, 4 years after his brother John had come to Canada. His initial job was working on the Mission Bridge in Calgary. After several months of hard labour, Richard earned enough money to buy himself a team of horses, a wagon, and the necessary supplies to begin a new life and set up a homestead.

Heading west towards the mountains, Richard met up with his brother John, who had been freighting supplies to the Morley Indians to the West. They settled in the Jumping Pound region, 15 miles West of the Calgary city limit as it is today. The country reminded them of Ireland and it is here that the Copithorne homestead was founded.

The brothers formed a partnership and worked a mixed farm. There was no money then, so they traded their churned butter, hauling it 25 miles to Calgary. Eventually, the brothers built up a range herd, primarily consisting of Durham cattle, with a lazy J as their registered brand. In 1895, Richard went out on his own to register the present day CL brand.

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